"Media Attention and Choice of Major: Evidence from Anti-Doctor Violence in China" (with Shiyu Bo, Yan Song and Sen Zhou), Journal of Economic Behavior and Organization, 2020.   [Article] [Working Paper Version]

Working Papers

Riding Out the COVID-19 Storm: How Government Policies Affect SMEs in China (with Zijun Cheng, Robin Gong and Jinlin Li), updated July 2020.

State Formation and Bureaucratization: Evidence from Pre-Imperial China, updated July 2020.

Political Elites and Human Capital Formation in Pre-Imperial Chinaupdated February 2020.

Selected Work in Progress

Political Coalitions in the Northern Dynasties (with Erik Wang and Xiaoming Zhang)

Empire State of Mind: How Regional Centralization Led to Unification

Book Reviews

"Review of The Economic History of China: From Antiquity to the Nineteenth Century by Richard von Glahn" (with Avner Greif), Harvard Journal of Asiatic Studies, 2018. [Article]

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